How to search film libraries without getting hopelessly lost.

Imagine you’re in a book library looking for works by William Wordsworth. Are you going to wander round, hoping against hope, to stumble on Wordsworth? Or are you going to look under ‘W’. Or to be more precise ‘WO’?I think you know the answer. It’s the same when it comes to searching for film clips.The more precise your language, the better your chance of finding the clip you want.For example, if you input the word ‘fish’, you’re as likely to get shots of people angling, as you are to get delicious images of sushi. Ultimately, this will drive you to drink.

Similarly, if you’re searching for beautiful bronzed bodies playing Frisbee on a beach in Australia, don’t just look for ‘beaches’, because you’ll end up looking at more sand than the Sahara.

So be precise. Be literal. Be specific.

The people who have tagged these images have spent tons of money to help you find what you want.

Computers are great tools, but they’re hardly intuitive.

Once you know that, you will find what you seek.

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