How to write copy. (One man’s view)


By: Ian Brower,

I like to keep it short. Very short.

I use more full stops than commas.

Strong verbs are better than weak adjectives.

I paragraph just about every sentence.

There are reasons for this. Very good ones.

It makes your message more readable.

It makes your point, more pointed.

Never ever forget that people don’t buy a newspaper to read your ad, or watch TV to see your commercial. That is foolish vanity and this paragraph is about as long as it should be.

Don’t write from your point of view. Keep the consumers’ needs in mind. Always.

Entice them with a clever and relevant introduction.

Then persuade them with a cogent, concise argument.

Finally ask for a response. And provide them with the means to do so.

Writing commercial copy is about selling a product or service.

It is not an exercise in purple prose, or an excuse to show off your literary skills.

Of course there are exceptions. Some products benefit from such writing.

But they are few and far between.

Honestly. They are.

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