Novocaine for the video production process.

Does making a video have to be painful and stressful? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

If you go through the traditional process of casting actors, finding a director, agreeing a storyboard, then yes, it can be a long drawn-out process. What makes it stressful is that no-one, including your carefully chosen director really knows how it’s going to turn out. All of which can make it painful.

On the other hand, a good idea and high-quality existing stock video eliminates all of these problems.

Because you’re looking at real footage not a series of thumbnail sketches, you can see exactly what your video is going to be before you buy. And if you want to make changes, you can. You simply pick another shot. (Not something you can easily do if you have to re-shoot).

All of which makes the process quicker. And a great deal less painful.

A bit like novocaine. Without the injection.

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