EME International

The Brief:  To highlight the errors often made on patients’ medical records, and contrast them with EME’s expertise in the field of medical assessment.

The Traditional Way:  To shoot this commercial and complete all the graphics would cost in the region of $250,000. The set ups are many and the graphics would add to the cost.

The Tubifi Way:  By using existing footage we dramatically cut the cost of production without compromising the quality. The price? $9,000 including bespoke graphics. The production time? From brief to completion in only six days, just in time for EME to use the video at an important medical conference. Hard to believe, but true!

EME Video:

EME Testimonial:

“Tubifi was able to produce a high-impact video, affordably and on-time. And when I say ‘on-time’ I mean ‘under time’ — in less than seven days!”

“Their creative team, bar-none, nationwide, is the best that I’ve ever seen or worked with.”

“If you are serious about your business, I strongly recommend that you contact Tubifi… And if not, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to discuss their excellence.”

– Christine Caldwell, CEO of EME International


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